WCI Consulting Presents… SAP BusinessObjects Best Practices:  A Two-Part Series

Part 2

Part Two shows how to maximize your SAP BusinessObjects performance through integrating 4.0 into your current Business Objects environment by using the Upgrade Management Tool.  We’ll also help you to customize your environment to work for your organization with modifying the properties files for several of the webapps. Discover how to get the most out of your Business Intelligence solution within your organization!

We’ll cover all you need to know about Requesting Permanent License Keys for your SAP BusinessObjects deployment so make sure to tune in and not miss this valuable information.

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SAP Lumeria Demo (formerly Visual Intelligence)

Discover how you can analyze data quickly through engaging and beautiful visualizations without a single line of code via SAP Lumeria (Visual Intelligence) software. The engaging interface allows you to combine enterprise and personal data sources to view the big picture and find out unique insights that can be easily shared throughout the organization.

Get real-time answers out of your data without help from scripts, predefined queries or reports.

SAP Business Objects 4.1 Upgrade: Desk Intelligence (DeskI)

Learn how SAP Business Objects Desk Intelligence (DeskI) can now be fully integrated into 4.1 and discover what architectural hardware you’ll need for your deployment. Find out what else is new in the 4.1 upgrade: watch videos .

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WCI Consulting Presents… SAP BusinessObjects Best Practices:  A Two-Part Series

Part 1

Part 1 shows you how to maximize SAP Busines Objects performance through Adapted Processing Servers. Discover how you can get the most out of your Business Intelligence solution within your organization and learn ways to reduce run times and have fewer errors.

This webinar provides in-depth information on User Level Security and how you can make sure everyone has access to the information they need. It also covers how to restrict what people don’t need to see at a user level.

Watch to discover the latest SAP Business Objects Practices!

Need help with SAP Business Objects?

Business Objects Universe Training

We’ll take you into the universe of BusinessObjects and go over how to get the most out of your SAP Business Intelligence. Some highlighted points we will touch on:

  • Filters
  • Short Cuts
  • Derived Tables
  • Row Level Security
  • Multiple Sources into a single Universe
  • Hiding Objects
  • Building Reporting Objects

Contact us  if you have any further questions on Business Objects universe training.

Business Objects Universe Tutorial

The Business Objects universe tutorial covers the new 4.0 universe structure, consisting of three different layers:

  • Connection Layer (.cnx)
  • Data Foundation Layer (.dfx)
  • Business Layer (.blx)

A Data Foundation can consume one or more connections. So you can bring tables from multiple databases into a single Data Foundation. The Data Foundations contains the tables, joins, and contexts. The ability to build the Data Foundation once, and reuse it for multiple universes, means less work in the long run. There is the ability to add calculated columns to tables. You can add a column to a table in the Data Foundation, based on a calculation using columns from that table, or constant values.

The Families feature is a collection of related tables. Families can be identified by colored backgrounds and fonts. You can create as many families as you want, and add as many tables as you want to each family. A table can belong to one, and only one Family, this gives it search abilities within the feature.

A feature that completely eliminates the need for Linked Universes is Business Layer Views. When you create a Business Layer, it becomes the Master layer. You can then create Views of that Business Layer, choosing which folders and objects to expose in that view. You can then grant rights to those views for various user groups.

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SAP BusinessObjects Auditor (BOBJ Audit Reports)

SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Auditor provides you with a way to monitor and record key facts about your BusinessObjects Enterprise deployment.

The information provided by the auditor answers the following queries

  • Who is using your BusinessObjects Enterprise system?
  • Which objects they are accessing?
  • Which groups within the company use our BusinessObjects Enterprise system the most?
  • How many concurrent user licenses are we using at any given time?

Auditor also allows you to better administer individual user accounts and reports by giving you more insight into what actions users are taking and which reports they are accessing.

Make sure you’re getting the most out of BOBJ deployments, while avoiding impactful outages. WCI provides extensive on-site SAP BusinessObjects auditing services , after which you’ll get a written summary of recommendations (including immediate and future next-steps).

We also provide expert SAP BusinessObjects support and training .

If you are interested in a more in-depth BI audit for your organization that’s not only for BOBJ, WCI has a packaged offering that could be exactly what you’re looking for. Learn more about a Business Intelligence Audit .

Reach out to us  if you have any further questions!

Business Objects WebI Reports Tutorial

Web Intelligence Reports (Webi) help you achieve what you strive for in your overall Business Intelligence Strategy.

With SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, both self-service access to data and intuitive information analysis are available in one product – helping your users turn business insights into effective decisions. With a few mouse clicks, users create a query from scratch, format the retrieved information, and easily analyze it to understand underlying trends and root causes. And if they don’t require the full power of query capabilities, users can simply explore information in existing reports – formatting and interacting with data to meet specific needs.


With SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, you can make better decisions in less time by turning information into actionable insight at the speed of thought. SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence is built on our proven, mature business intelligence (BI) platform ensuring that your deployment meets performance demands and supports standardization efforts.

From improving corporate decision making to sharing information with customers, suppliers, and partners, Web Intelligence empowers your users with self-service information access and interactivity, while delivering:

  • Powerful, online and offline ad hoc query and reporting
  • Integrated and trusted analysis for all users
  • A tool built upon a complete, trusted, and agile BI platform

Reach out to us  if you have any further questions or suggestions for webinars!

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