Video Guide: Creating a Map in Power BI from Excel Data

Watch this Microsoft Power BI map tutorial to find out how to take data from Microsoft Excel and map it in Power BI.

If you have any further questions about Power BI or other business intelligence tools, contact us below to discuss how we can help.

Watch this video to understand how to fix this frequent WebI Error that says “Universe not found”…

WebI Error WIS 00501
To fix this, the user needed to become a member of the AD group to see the Universe in BOBJ. After this was done they were able to run a report without errors.

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Data Warehouse Development: How to Create a DW/DM/RDB?

Watch this video to learn more about data warehouse development and how to go about creating a data warehouse, data mart or a reporting database.

We examine when do companies need to create data warehouses. And what things you have to keep in mind when deciding that you’re organization is ready to develop one.

Watch the full series of videos where WCI goes into details about data warehousing basics:

If you have any further questions about data warehousing or business intelligence, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  Contact us   to discuss how we can help. 

Data Warehousing Fundamentals: What is a DW/DM/RDB?

Watch this video to learn more about data warehousing fundamentals and find out what exactly are Data Warehouses, Data Marts and Reporting Databases.

We examine why overall the terminology used encompasses the concept that describes the creation of a set of tables used for reporting and analysis which is separate from the data creation systems.

Watch the next series of videos where WCI goes into details about:

If you have any further questions about data warehousing , data lakes , or business intelligence , don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact us   to discuss how we can help. 

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Job Position:  Business Intern
Job Location:  Plano, Texas
Required Education:  Currently enrolled in Post Secondary. Entering Junior of Senior year of College
Job Type:  Full Time/ Part time (June – August )

WCI Consulting, Inc. is currently looking for a business intern for the summer of 2015. Interested in Business Intelligence or data. Suggested areas of study: Business Management, Computer science, MIS, Engineering or other technical fields.

You will learn:

  • Business intelligence (BI)
  • About WCI Consulting
  • How data is changing the business world
  • How to work with BI tools, processes, reports and documentation
  • How to work with each business support unit to analyze customer requirements in terms of support
  • About new BI/ Sales and Marketing tools & trends
  • How to analyze and propose solutions to business reporting requirements
  • How fortune 500 companies use data
  • Innovations in the industry
  • Company culture and how to become a foosball master


To apply please contact one of our on-boarding specialists at . We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Is Updating A Database with Webi (a Reporting Tool) Possible?

In this video we explore if SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence (Webi), or any other 3rd party front end application, can write an update to a database.

Spoiler alert…out of the box it can’t! But watch how we figure out how to edit a database in real-time using Webi.

This is something that we’re constantly getting asked about, so if you have a question about how to update a database using Webi, we’re pretty sure we can answer it!

Contact us to discuss how we can help you with updating a database with Webi.

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence (Webi) Folding & Unfolding Tutorial

The fold/unfold feature allows a user the ability to expand or hide sections of their report without having to drill down by using folds on sections or breaks. Watch the video above or read the steps below to learn how to do folding/unfolding in Web Intelligence.

For this tutorial, we are using the efashion universe and will focus on quantity sold by state and city. To demonstrate the folds we’ve already brought in the state, city and quantity of sold objects from the efashion universe and inserted them into a vertical table. 

Steps to Webi Folding and Unfolding

  1. First, we are going to create a break on the state
    1. Click on the Analysis Tab and them break under display
  2. Next, we want to get the sum of Quantity Sold for each state
    1. Select the Quantity Sold column
    2. Click on the functions tab under the Analysis Tab and press Sum
    3. Remove the sum text
  3. Now we are going to remove the repeating Break headers
    1. Right click on the table and go to Break >> Manage breaks
    2. Under display >> uncheck “Break Header”

Tip : Webi can be complicated. Our expert SAP BusinessObjects consultants can help. See how or contact us .

  1. After we have removed the Break Header, we need to add the Table Header
    1. Right click on the table >> select “Format Table”
    2. Check the box for “Table Headers”
  2. Last, we need to enable the option to allow the folding feature
    1. Go to the Analysis Tab
    2. Interact
    3. Select “Outline”
      1. You will notice now that an outline appears on the left hand side
      2. If we click on the “2” then all of the cities will fold up, leaving the city totals within each state
      3. If you click on the “1” then the city totals are folded up,  leaving you with only the state totals
      4. Last, if you click on “T” then it will show you the total sum of quantity sold for all of the states

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Have more questions about tips & tricks in  BusinessObjects ? WCI Consulting has been in the business of managing data since 1998 so we know our stuff! Don’t hesitate to  ask how we can help on your next project.

Need Help with BusinessObjects?

Webi can be complex. Our expert SAP BusinessObjects consultants  can help.  See how  or contact us .

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If you have any questions from this webinar or suggestions for future webinars around BOBJ 4.2 let us know !

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Tutorial on Creating a Pre-Defined Cell Based on Query Prompt Enhancement in Web Intelligence 4.1 SP5

We’ve asked our team to come up with what they think are some great additions to BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.1 SP5 and are happy to share our thoughts with you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to  reach out to us and ask .

How to Create a Pre-Defined Cell in Webi 4.1 

Compared to inserting a blank cell in a report, you can select a pre-defined blank cell as an alternate option.  A pre-defined cell includes the appropriate syntax already applied to the free standing cell instead of writing your own syntax.

For this example, we will be utilizing the ‘Prompt’ pre-defined cell option which is based on a report prompt.  After a dimension object is added to the Query filters area and enabled as a prompt, the newly created prompt is a selectable option in the Pre-Defined Cell>Prompt menu.  When you insert the ‘Prompt’ predefined cell in a report, the cell displays the user prompt selections from the last refresh or Run Query action.


Open Web Intelligence 4.1

Select your required dimensions and measures for your query

Create a prompt in the Webi query panel by dragging an object to the query filters section.

Click the object options from the down arrow menu.

Select ‘Prompt’


The prompt text will be auto populated in the text box. You can customize the prompt text if required.


Run your query

Select the ‘Report Element’ tab in Webi toolbar

Click ‘Pre-Defined’ option and mouse over ‘Prompt’ option

Then, select the text from your prompt created in the query panel

Click and drop the blank Pre-Defined cell anywhere on the Webi canvas


The Pre-Defined cell now displays the year you selected in your query prompt
You can use this function to display the value of any prompt on your Webi report



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